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Accurate Home Inspection Services for Blowing Rock, Boone, Banner Elk, Beech Mtn., Watauga & Avery
Accurate Home Inspection Services - Sample Contract


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Home Inspection

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This sample Home Inspection Agreement and Contract fulfills the requirement as set forth by the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board.


Donald E. Price, d.b.a.

.Accurate Home Inspection Services

4096 Hickory Blvd., Granite Falls, NC, 28630 828.396.8692

Real Estate Inspection Contract

This "sample" contract is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from yours. It is your responsibility to read your contract 'thoroughly' and receive answers to your satisfaction before signing.

Client(s) Name:


Property Address:










Clients Phone:


Date of Inspection:


Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection Services, is hereby employed by Client(s) to perform a limited visual inspection of apparent conditions in readily accessible areas existing at the time of inspection. Generally accepted professional inspection standards and methods shall be used. This home inspection is being performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensing Board and a copy of these guidelines is available from said Board. Absolutely no warranties or guarantees are given or implied for any latent or concealed defects. Additionally, any repairs after the inspection may reveal defects that are not accessible at the time of inspection. Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection Services, is not liable for any defects or deficiencies, which cannot be reasonably discovered during the limited visual inspection. As part of your home inspection the inspector will inspect and report on the following areas unless that area has been marked for exclusion from our services:

1. STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS - including foundation, floors, walls, columns, ceilings, and roofs. Excluding:



2. EXTERIOR OF STRUCTURE - including wall claddings, entryway doors, decks, steps, eaves, driveways and a representative number of windows. Excluding:



3. ROOFING - including roof coverings, roof drainage systems, flashing, skylights, and chimneys. Excluding:


4. PLUMBING - including interior water supply and distribution system, interior drain waste and vent system, hot water system, fuel storage and distribution system, and sump pump. Excluding:



5. ELECTRICAL-including service entrance conductors, service equipment, main distribution panels, voltage ratings, a representative number of installed ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles, ground fault circuit interrupters, and smoke detectors. Excluding:



6. SYSTEM HEATING - including permanently installed heating system and its controls, chimneys, heat distribution system, including fans, pumps and ducts, and automatic safety controls. Excluding:



7. CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING - including normal operating control of the central air conditioning system and the distribution system. Excluding:



8. INTERIOR - including walls, ceilings, floors, steps, a representative number of cabinets and a representative number of doors and windows. Excluding:



9. INSULATION AND VENTILATION - including insulation vapor barriers, ventilation of attic and foundation, kitchen, bathroom and laundry venting systems, and the operation of any readily accessible attic ventilation fan when temperature permits. Excluding:




The price for this inspection with the exclusions identified above shall be $ Sample PAYMENT is due upon full completion of this inspection.

EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS: The parties acknowledge and agree that this inspection is limited to visual observation of apparent conditions existing at the time of the inspection only. This inspection is not intended to provide the purchaser with information regarding the advisability of this purchase, the market value of the property, the compliance or non-compliance with codes, ordinances and statutes, the suitability of this property for specialized use, the life expectancy of any component or system in the property, the presence or absence of pests or insects, or cosmetic or underground items or items that are not permanently installed. Reference is specifically made to the standards of practice and code of ethics of the North Carolina Home Inspector Licensing Board for a comprehensive listing of those items, which are not required, and unless specifically included, will not be part of this inspection.

This inspection report does not address and is not intended to address the possible presence of any danger from any potentially harmful substance and environmental hazards, including but not limited to radon gas. lead paint, asbestos, urea formaldehyde (UFFI), toxic or chemical analysis, airborne hazards, polluted water, or underground oil tanks. Further. Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection Services, is not responsible for any misleading information provided by seller or for any matter concealed or hidden from the inspector. ARBITRATION: Should the client believe that Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection Services, be liable for any issues arising out of this inspection, then client shall communicate said issues in writing to Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection Services, within ten (10) days of the date of inspection. If the issues cannot be resolved between the parties, both parties agree to submit the dispute to binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Arbitration is to be conducted by an arbitrator who is a full-time building inspector with a minimum of six (6) years experience as a building inspector. The inspection will be judged in accordance with the North Carolina Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.


________ ________

initial         initial

This inspection is performed for the sole, confidential and exclusive use and possession of the Client. Neither the contents of this report nor any representation made herein are assignable without the express written permission of Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection, and any reliance thereon by any party other than the Client named above is prohibited.


________ ________

initial         initial

This inspection and report are not intended to be used as a guaranty or warranty, expressed or implied, regarding the adequacy, performance or condition of any inspected structure, item or system and any visual problems observed should be verified with the appropriate contractor, electrician, plumber, or skilled professional for cost estimates and code compliance

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: It is understood and agreed that should Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection Services, and/or its agents or employees be found liable for any loss or damages resulting from a failure to perform any of its obligations, including hut not limited to negligence, breach of contract or otherwise, then the liability of Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection Services, and/or its agents or employees shall be limited to a sum equal to the amount of the fee paid by the client for this inspection and report.

AGREEMENT: This contract represents the entire agreement between Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection Services, and the Client. Donald E. Price, d.b.a. Accurate Home Inspection Services, is not responsible for the repair, replacement or alteration of any item within or upon the inspected property. The Client acknowledges that they have read and understood the extent and limitations of this inspection and agree to all of the limitations, terms and exclusions contained within this contract

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Home Inspection
7005 Sugar Grove N.C. 28679
Leave a voice message anytime @ 828.297.4229
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Professional Home Inspections performed in Alexander, Avery, Watauga, Caldwell & Catawba Counties of North Carolina including Boone, Blowing Rock, Lenoir, and Hickory, by Licensed Home Inspector #0518 Donald E. Price ( Don ).

Including Beech Mountain, Banner Elk, ASU, Boone, Blowing Rock, Seven Devils, Hound Ears, Watauga County and Avery County, North Carolina.

Donald E. Price, Licensed North Carolina Home Inspector #0518, also is a Licensed North Carolina Real Estate Broker # 157716. Broker/Owner of 4B Real Estate covering the Blowing Rock, Boone, Banner Elk and Beech Mountain, or 'High Country' areas of Avery and Watauga Counties of Northwest North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Home of Appalachian State University. 4B Real Estate lists and sells homes and land as well as area condos.

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